Monday, September 27, 2010

Pussy Posse Interviews and Upcoming Events

The sign up sheets are now posted in the Women's Center and also a list of the available positions. Stop by and sign up for a time slot. If there are any conflicts or questions please email

** Upcoming Events

10/7 - Fall Student Organization Exhibition
10/15 - Interview for Pussy Posse
11/5 - Auditions for Cast
11/6 - Auditions for Cast
2/16 - Showdate
2/18 - Showdate
2/19 - Showdate

- more information will be posted soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sign Up For Pussy Posse (2010 - 2011)

It is that time of year again! Sign ups for Pussy Posse (The Vagina Monologues backstage) begins this Monday (September 27th). Sign up sheets will be posted at the Women's Center front desk. Please sign up for a time slot, interviews will take about 15 - 20 minutes. Remember to sign up by October 14th. Actual interviews will be held on October 15th between 4pm - 9pm. A variety of positions are available, no experience necessary, and all gender identities are welcome. If there are any schedule conflicts or questions, feel free to email us at

The following are the available positions:

* Beneficiary Chair (2)
* House Manager (2)
* Media Chair/Playbill (2)
* Merchandise Chair (2)
* Publicity Chair (2)
* Stage Manager (2)

Job Descriptions:

Beneficiary Chair

* Handles finances
* Solicits for donations
* Organizes tabling in the weeks leading up to event
* Researches potential beneficiary organizations to whom our funds will be donated
* (can work with Publicity Chair to plan fundraisers)

House Manager

* Decorates lobby in coordination with the V-Day theme
* Invites orgs &/or companies to table
* Helps organize Vagina Warrior displays/presentations, general management of the theater lobby on show dates
* Designs stage backdrop
* Coordinates raffle (can work with Beneficiary Chair)
* (Can work with Playbill Chair to team up and coordinate colors, themes, etc)

Media Chair/ Playbill Chair

* Keep a media record of TVM throughout the production
* Create media presentation to be viewed prior to performances
* In charge of creating playbills to be distributed at performances
* (Can work with House Manager to team up and coordinate colors, themes, etc)

Merchandise Chair

* Designs and executes creation of TVM merchandise (shirts, buttons, etc), including shirts for cast and crew.
* (Can assist Publicity and Beneficiary Chairs in organizing sponsorships, fundraisers, and raffles.)

Publicity Chair

* Creates advertisements for TVM events, including flyers for auditions and shows, newspaper ads, emails
* (Can work with Beneficiary Chair to organize fund raisers and finding sponsors)

Stage Manager/Social Chair

*Coordinate social events for cast & crew leading up to the show dates as well as a cast party after the performances.
* Assist with any production necessities during the performances (giving cues, moving props, maintaining order backstage, etc)
* Spearheads additional V-Day events (to be discussed upon selection)

There will be other positions as well as demand is noted. So sign up! We want YOU for Pussy Posse and your friends too!

For more information, email us at!

VAG <3